Summer’s here! Is your car ready?

Summer is here! The long, summer evenings are upon us, providing a good excuse to spend some time outside tending to your vehicle, on some pleasant evening drives, or on that long-planned summer road trip.

KCCI have a large portfolio of car care items, available from all good automotive retailers including Asda, Halfords and Amazon. Not only do we offer solutions and accessories for inside your car, we also supply a variety of products to keep your car tuned and ready for the elements too!

Rain-X Treatments

Start by giving your car a little TLC on the outside, repair any chips to your windscreen with the Rain-X Windscreen repair kit, followed by a Rain-X Rain Repellent treatment to your exterior windows and windscreen in preparation for those unexpected showers for clearer visibility. The Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit will also ensure you can remove any discolouration or haze from the plastic headlight covers too for when the sun sets. Don’t forget – Rain-X for Plastics is also now available and great for motorcycle helmet visors too!

RX Group Shot

Slick50 Treatments

With the exterior of your vehicle ready for the elements, you should be sure to give the internal aspects a little treatment too, for smoother running– especially if you are planning on covering some miles or towing a caravan to your destination. The Slick 50 range offers various treatments to ensure your engine is protected and to save fuel! The range comprises Engine Treatments, a Fuel System Treatment, a universal *Power Steering Fluid and a Manual Gearbox treatment
*Unsuitable for vehicles with hydraulic suspension and that require DA Fluid.

23022-ET-750-(EN) copia

KCCI Products

Finally, it’s time to add the icing on the top.  KCCI have a whole range of air fresheners to add a little fragrance to your drive. Choose from a fun novelty, a stylish vent clip,or one of the many other Scents options.

The KCCI range also includes a Moly Engine Protector and Moly Gearbox protector, available from Amazon and Halfords to keep your engine running smoothly.
Whatever you are looking for, KCCI will be sure to offer it.

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