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Re-introducing MEDO air fresheners

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KCCI is re-branding its air fresheners MEDO, a trusted name in air fresheners around the world.  MEDO was started in 1972 in the United States; over time it grew to be one of the leading air freshener brands in the USA with distribution across the globe. The MEDO name was relegated to the background as the company changed corporate hands but it continued to be recognized by many as a premier air freshener brand.  KCCI is proud to bring back this pioneering air freshener brand to the UK and beyond.  The first product to be relaunched under MEDO is our line of odour eliminating sprays.  It delivers a blast of fragrance to target unwanted odours in your car or home, and is available in 5 classic fragrances: Cherry, Coconut, New Car, Strawberry and Vanilla.