KCCI Car Care Products

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Clean, shine, protect and enhance your car’s performance with car care products from KCCI.

Your car is one of your biggest investments. Protect it with quality car care products from KCCI. Moly Oil Additives minimize friction and wear. Gumout® Performance Additives will keep it running at peak performance. Blue Coral® cleaners will make it easy to keep your car clean and shining like new. And for really enhancing and protecting the rims, tires and exterior finish, top performing Black Magic® Care Products will please even the most meticulous car enthusiast.


Moly oil additives are formulated with Molybdenum Disulphide which attaches to the surface to create a low friction protective film and reduce wear. KCCI offers Moly Engine Protector, which is compatible with all major types of mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oil, and is safe for petrol and diesel engines. Also available is the Moly Gearbox Protector for use in manual gearbox, steering box and back axle.

Black Magic

Black Magic WebsiteBlack Magic® was built around the success of a single product, Black Magic® Tyre Wet, which gave car enthusiasts the ability to get a professional quality shine on their tyres. Now, KCCI offers a full line of Back Magic products that make it easy for you to enhance the appearance of your vehicle, with an emphasis on wheel and tyre care. Visit www.blackmagicshine.com for more details.

Blue Coral

Blue Coral Website
When it comes to keeping your car clean, Blue Coral® cleaning products are an ideal choice. The complete range includes an Upholstery Cleaner, a High Foam Car Wash Concentrate, and a Wash and Wax Concentrate. Together these products give you a complete solution for washing and shining your car. Visit www.bluecoral.com for more information.


Gumout WebsiteGumout® Performance Additives are scientifically formulated to clean, protect and enhance key engine automotive parts. They solve a range of performance issues, from carbon deposits on key engine parts to corrosion caused by ethanol and water. The latest technology is used in developing the formulas, which are constantly tested to ensure your engine performs at peak efficiency. Visit www.gumout.com for more information on these products.

KCCI offers a complete selection of big brand car care products to keep your car looking its best.

You will appreciate how well these car care products will protect and preserve your vehicle.