Frequently Asked Questions

  • Air Care FAQs

Where can I buy your air fresheners?

In the UK, our air fresheners are sold at ASDA, Halfords, and other independent automotive retailers.  You can also buy them on Amazon.  For retail stores outside the UK, please contact us for more information.

 How long do your air fresheners last?

The recommended shelf life for unopened air fresheners is 3 years.  Once opened, the longevity varies with each product type and is also dependent on external factors such as temperature and the car interior colors and/or size.  This could range from 2 weeks to 45 days.

  • Rain-X® FAQs

     For Frequently Asked Questions around the Rain-X® products, please visit . Here you will find a wide range of information regarding the Rain-X products as well as FAQs and tips and information about Rain-X products as well as your windscreen and windscreen wipers

  • Slick50® FAQs

    KCCI are also able to offer guidance and advice on the Slick50® product range at This link will take you through to the Slick50® website FAQ page. The website also provides specific product information around dosage, usage instructions and the most suitable product for your need.

If you’re unable to find the information you require, then please contact us via the contact page where your query will be answered by a member of the Customer Services team.