Outsmart the Elements™


rain_x_button_logoFor more than 40 years, Rain-X® products have helped drivers all over the world Outsmart the Elements™ to make wet weather driving safer and more comfortable. Rain-X® Rain Repellent provides clear visibility in wet weather, repelling water from the external glass while the Anti-Fog treatment eliminates condensation and fogging inside your car. Other products combine Rain-X® Rain Repellent with Glass Cleaner and a Windscreen Washer Additive, and a selection of glass maintenance and restoration products are included in the range. KCCI is continually expanding the product line in response to market needs so they can bring you the best and most innovative products for your car.

Whatever the weather – rain, sleet or snow, Rain-X® products will keep your windshield clear.

Rain-X® Car Covers

Whatever the conditions – snow, sleet, rain, dirt, sun, or even bird droppings – a Rain-X® Car Cover will keep your car looking its best. Made from soft water-resistant, breathable fabrics, Rain-X® Car Covers won’t scratch your paint. And, because they are breathable, moisture can evaporate rather than collect on the surface of your car, protecting your vehicle’s finish. Rain-X® Car Covers are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit most vehicles.

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